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Business Transactions

  • Due Diligence

    When purchasing or investing in a business, it is imperative that the buyer conduct due diligence prior to entering into the purchase agreement to evaluate the assets and liabilities of the business and to determine whether any undisclosed liabilities exist. Depending on the nature of the business, the purchaser... [read more]

  • Personal Guarantees

    A personal guarantee (also referred to as personal guaranty) is when a person agrees to pay the debts or obligations of another person or business entity. Creditors and landlords typically require personal guarantees, especially in the case of a newly formed business entity or a business that does not... [read more]

  • Sales Transactions

    Business Transaction & Business Sales Law Firm Los Angeles In California, sales of goods transactions are governed by Division 2 of the Commercial Code which, with some variations, conforms with Article 2 of the Uniform Commercial Code. A contract for the sale of goods may be made in any... [read more]

  • Sales And Purchases Of Business Assets/Entities

    In the course of business transactions related to the sale of equity or assets may arise. Whether to purchase the assets or the entity is an important initial decision. It may be preferential to a buyer to purchase only the assets as opposed to the entity itself to minimize... [read more]

  • Contract Negotiation, Drafting, And Review

    Contract Drafting and Negotiations Law Firm Los Angeles Contracts are essential tools of business operations and are critical to the profits, viability and development of the business. They must be written clearly and thoroughly to address potential risks. Less ambiguity in a contract and making sure that all contingencies... [read more]