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Business Entities

  • Limited Liability Company Los Angeles

    Characteristics of a Limited Liability Company A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a business entity that has one or more members organized pursuant to the California Revised Uniform Limited Liability Company Act. Two characteristics of an LLC are: Limited Liability. The member(s) of a limited liability company are not... [read more]

  • Incorporation Attorney Los Angeles

    CONSIDERATIONS AND STEPS NECESSARY FOR INCORPORATION OF A BUSINESS IN CALIFORNIA Several factors need to be considered prior to the incorporation of a business. The following are some of the factors: Where to incorporate the business. In many circumstances, the state of incorporation is where most of the business... [read more]

  • Corporate Record Keeping and Reporting

    Corporate Record Keeping Reporting Los Angeles Pursuant to the General Corporation Law, each corporation is required to keep appropriate books and records including corporate minutes of shareholder and board of directors’ meetings, records regarding share transactions and shareholders, and accounting records. Bylaws are not required by the General Corporation... [read more]

  • Business Entity Formation

    Important Factors to Consider Prior to Business Entity Formation There are many nontax and tax factors that should be taken into consideration prior to the formation of a business entity. Choosing an improper business entity for your type of business may result in significant business, legal and tax consequences... [read more]

  • Purchasing And Selling A Business

    The purchase or sale of a business is typically a complex transaction. There are many potential risks and rewards that a prospective seller or purchaser of a business must consider. It is essential to have legal counsel to assist the seller or purchaser with the many legal issues that... [read more]

  • Business Maintenance And Counseling

    Business Counseling Services Mazis Law Group After the selection and formation of the business entity, Mazis Law Group provides counseling to our clients to properly maintain the entity in accordance with the law and the needs of the business.  Depending on the type of business entity ongoing filings with... [read more]

  • Selecting Form of Business Entity

    Los Angeles corporate formation Law Firm Choosing the proper entity for a new venture or a growing business is an important decision because it can affect the future profits of the business, personal liability of the owners, tax liability, and the internal operations of the business. There are many... [read more]